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Asa Jay, Incorporated was originally founded to pursue customer satisfaction. Asa Jay Laughton and his wife Shelley, founder of Asa Jay, Inc. believe in the tenet of helping others where and when they can. Asa, and his wife Shelley, recognize that everyone can't know "everything", so we each must specialize in specific areas.

What they do:

Asa Jay specializes in general Computer hardware/software and Linux systems, to include hosting services and Joomla CMS web sites, while Shelley specializes in Computer office systems, Database development, data management and html web sites. The two make a good team and are able to meet the needs of a varying customer base.

An earlier focus of the business was to help others with their personal PC problems. However, they have put aside that part of the business to focus on web sites, bookkeeping and databases. They still help out those in need occassionally, usually when it's related to our regular business customers.

Our Main Goal:

The main goal of Asa Jay, Inc. is to help the customer "learn" about their computer or computer systems. This means Asa Jay and Shelley will do their best to make sure the customer "understands" what they are buying into from us. They don't mind customers asking questions, and to Asa Jay and Shelley, there are -no- "dumb" questions. If it's something you don't know, they will be happy to explain it to you, in terms you will understand.

Asa Jay and Shelley like to think of every customer as family. They know they can't help everyone, but they try their best to help each person individually. And if they aren't able to work things out, they will at least try to point you in the right direction.

So if you need bookkeeping, database, MS Office help or web site services, give them a call.

Asa Jay Incorporated
Phone: (509)998-4547


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