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Recommended Reading

We recommend the following books for learning more about computers, security, safety and recovery: Links here take you to Amazon.com for their listing of the book.

Kids using your computer? Read this, and have them read it too. You never knew there could be so much -bad- out there. This book approaches the reader from the teenage -and- parent level, giving them the information necessary to help protect their home computers. There is a lot of good information in this book. Read more, in the Slashdot Review.

Always Use Protection: A Teen's Guide to Safe Computing
by Dan Appleman
ISBN: 159059326X

How do I make my computers more secure? Use this book to help you understand your computer; how to turn off services, and install more secure applications. Read more, in the Slashdot Review.

Computer Security for the Home and Small Office
by Thomas C. Greene
ISBN: 1590593162

Have hackers penetrated my network? Use this resource to help figure out if you've been compromised. A bit more technical, but worth the read if you administer computers. Read more, in the Slashdot Review.

Network Security Assessment
by Chris McNab
ISBN: 059600611X

How do I recover? Recovery is a long and difficult process. Knoppix is one of the best tools for system troubleshooting and recovery. This book helps a user understand how Knoppix works, and how to make it work for you. Read more, in the Slashdot Review.

Knoppix Hacks
by Kyle Rankin
ISBN: 0596007876


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